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5 Golden Rules to get Accepted into your Dream College

If you are someone who has since long dreamt of getting into an Ivy-League college or have been tirelessly working to curate that perfect portfolio since high-school to get into that Art-school of your choice or just someone who plans to go abroad for further studies- then you have come to the right place!

With colleges receiving a massive number of applications each year, acceptance comes with its own share of extensive competition and the dire need for applicants to stand out of the crowd. Thanks to more than a 100 years of collective experience and expertise, we at EdNet are here to help you with 5 Golden Rules to get accepted into the college of your dreams.

  1. Start Real Early
    College applications are tedious, time-consuming, specific and require careful attention to every minute detail. Hence getting to them last-minute isn’t advisable at all. We suggest that you get to college applications real early and understand the nuances of the application process. Make a note of the deadlines and start organizing your documents to have them ready for submission. There might be instances where you would have to retake some tests, tweak your essays and if you start early it gives you the leverage to do all of these without having to worry about last-minute submissions.
  2. Choose your Colleges Carefully.
    Choosing the right colleges for your desired course can be a painful exercise. We suggest that you take a closer look at your credentials, choose a course that you are genuinely interested in and which would bring you closer to the career of your choice. These days most colleges let you connect with their alumni which is a great way to address your concerns and doubts about the course. Also, speak to your career counselor and carefully go through the course curriculum, student experiences, job possibilities and life on campus. This shall definitely help you in choosing and applying to the right schools.
  3. Put Some Work into Building an Excellent Profile.
    Gone are the days when just excellent grades were enough to get you into your dream college. Nowadays, colleges wish to see what you might have accomplished outside classrooms. This includes an array of verticals like Work-experience, Internships, Extra-curricular activities etc. Though work-experience might not be an absolute necessity for your application, it certainly is valued. If you have something unique, colleges would want to know that! Speak of your involvement in student clubs, projects, sports achievements and of any possible recognition outside the realms of academia. This surely goes a long way in strengthening your profile!
  4. Walk that Extra Mile!
    Colleges urge their admissions to look for applicants who have made valuable contributions to their community. We encourage applicants to volunteer with non-profit organizations or become a part of a community-service project.  In addition to community service often being a life-changing experience, it does well to portray that you are willing to help others and add value to your community. You could take up additional courses for earning extra credits as well which is always a plus point on your application.
  5. Express your Authentic Self in College Essays and Make it Perfect.
    Colleges get their fair share of boastful essays which only speak of the applicant’s academia, achievements and internships- but hardly anything that speaks of ‘who they are’. Colleges are genuinely interested in getting to know the ‘authentic you’ so don’t hesitate in talking about your personal interests, passions, dreams, and ambitions in your application essays. Also, make sure that your essays are the embodiment of perfection. Be sure to proofread them multiple times and get your counselor’s opinion on the same. It is often that good college essays make up for that not-so-perfect scores, so give it your everything!



Niharika Sondhi
Niharika Sondhi
One of South Asia’s leading career consultants with 15 years of experience in guiding students to the best-fit schools in India and overseas. A member of the National Association of Academic Counselling (NACAC) and International Association for College Admission Counselling (IACAC) in the US, and having visited over 300 schools all over the world since 2004 (of which 20 are dedicated to Art & Design), Ms Sondhi’s motto is to offer Indian students quality academic counsel that has global relevance. If you need to consult, Book an Appointment

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