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How to Choose a Student Counsellor

Granted, we’re all different! However, widely put, we’re often one of two types of students. Type 1 includes those who’ve spent over two years researching colleges and have a fair idea of what they want to do. Type 2 is often the kind that would put off the entire process until the eleventh hour. But again, we are all different! Hence, regardless of the type you are, you can always count on Ednet for impeccable counseling and guidance with the application process. At the helm of the education industry, Ednet ensures that your goals and aspirations are well-aligned with your interests and that you find the college that fits these aspects perfectly.

So, what traits should one look out for in a counselor?

  1. Credibility
    Research about your counselor! The first step is to look out for reviews on social media and their degrees in counseling, memberships in national organizations, and/or certifications from accredited counseling programs. You can also ask how many of their students were accepted to their preferred schools, and read testimonials on what their former clients say about having worked with them.
  2. Experience
    How long has the counselor been a part of the industry, is as crucial a point to note. The more experienced your counselor is in their craft, the more comfortable and confident they will help you feel, and the higher the chances will be for you to present your best self in your application to your dream college.
  3. Demeanor
    Everything aside, your counselor, at this point, is quite like the fairy godmother (or father!). The kind of counselor one looks up to will always put your interests first! They will ensure that you put forth your best efforts on your journey, and will leave no stone unturned to oversee a smooth transition from helping you dream to helping you achieve your dreams.
  4. Experience
    It might seem a fine line, but there’s a gigantic difference between a ‘good’ counselor and the ‘best’ counselor. While the former will simply charge a fee and send you out to the first college that’s 100% likely to accept you, the latter will put her/his soul into the process so that you get accepted into the perfect-fit college that resonates with your interests and ambitions! Your ideal counsellor will also take into account your personality and map it with that of the campus, gauge your personal preferences to see whether you’d fit into the country of your preferred college, and s/he will analyze your psyche to help you spend your most crucial years midst like-minded peers to evolve into the individual you aspire to be.
  5. Services
    Besides analyzing your abilities and interests, and mapping them with your long-term goals, your counselor will guide you through a comprehensive college search, your final college list, test-preparation, application and essay reviews, interview preparation, and supportive guidance with respect to financial aid and VISA.

Having successfully guided over 2500 students towards splendid careers, we’re an ever-evolving family with members across the world. So, irrespective of how early or late you are, rest assured that we’ll make all your worries our own, and be a stellar springboard to your future.



Niharika Sondhi
Niharika Sondhi
One of South Asia’s leading career consultants with 15 years of experience in guiding students to the best-fit schools in India and overseas. A member of the National Association of Academic Counselling (NACAC) and International Association for College Admission Counselling (IACAC) in the US, and having visited over 300 schools all over the world since 2004 (of which 20 are dedicated to Art & Design), Ms Sondhi’s motto is to offer Indian students quality academic counsel that has global relevance. If you need to consult, Book an Appointment

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