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9 Powerful Reasons to Choose Canadian College Life!

Study in Canada

Decisions pertaining to overseas education can often be tricky for high-school students. If you are one such aspiring mind, who sweats and tolls under a pile of suggestions on educational opportunities overseas, read on! Here is an exclusive glimpse into one of the most sought-after academic destinations for international students: Canada! Postcard ready with its lush green maple forests and an equally tech savvy population, Canada is proving to be the face of our changing world. Moreover, its multicultural lineage, educated citizens, and diverse programs at high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels is making the country every scholar’s favorite abode!

Consequently, to help you choose your dream college and college destination, we have collated the most significant features of higher education in Canada. As they say, “Education comes from experience”, Canada has proved to be an experience as sweet as its maple syrup itself. Let’s go through the top 9 reasons which make Canadian education an exercise in liberation, diversity, and knowledge.

  1. The Natural Beauty of the Country

The first thing that attracts students to a college is its location. Will their college life see many hikings and trips to forests? Will they be able to river raft and indulge in adventure, if they live in a particular city for attending college? Canada, of course, fits the expectations like a fairy tale. Its picturesque landscape, balanced population, and a long tradition of beautification and conservation render the city an enticing look. The snow peaked mountains from Christmas calendars become a daily sight for college going students, with multiple lakes giving the cities a pastoral look. This combination of beautiful natural surroundings merging with buzzing, energetic marketplaces and residential avenues, make the country a perfect place for students to spend the most important years of their lives.

  1. International Population hosting International Students

The population of Canada forms a rainbow mix of languages, cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities when observed from a distance. Consequently, the people of Canada have great respect and acceptance for diversity. This makes Canada an ideal choice for all international students searching for a ‘home away from home’. It is an extremely easy exercise to mingle with the population of Canada, which in turn, saves the students from many misadventures of racism and ethnic superiority practiced elsewhere. It is indeed a land of festivals, offering many exciting activities for students in their free time including some of its famous festivals such as:

  • The Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • NHL Hockey
  • Poutine Week
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal
  1. Diverse Academic Programs

Canada has quite a reputation for having some of the most innovative university programs in the world. With world class education facilities, the degree from Canada is accepted worldwide at par with a degree from countries like the UK and US. Armored with dual degree options, post-graduation work permits, and scholarship grants for international students, Canadian universities plan sensitively and effectively for international students. You will encounter a number of innovative majors such as African Studies, Applied Agriculture, and Business and Arts with focused international programs, semester exchange opportunities, and student exchange programs in every university of Canada. To substantiate its quality education, you may as well refer to the QS World University Rankings, which places 26 Canadian universities on its list! Here are some of the excellent institutions from Canada, where you could translate your dreams into reality:

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Waterloo
  • Trent University
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Ryerson University
  1. Co-op Programs and Easy Work Permits

The Canadian Universities have revolutionized overseas education across the world with their co-op programs. Numerous universities in Canada offer co-op programs that allow students to work in industries related to their field of study, and gain professional experience. The co-op programs are structured to enhance the professional capabilities and practical understanding of the students. Moreover, the Canadian Government offers easy work programs, which allows the students who have a high school diploma in Canada, to gain work experience. Lastly, Canada has one of the easiest processes to obtain a work permit!

  1. Students Can Work and Study Simultaneously

It has always been a concern- the fee structures and housing rents of the best universities in the world. A student may have the merit and intelligence to deserve to study, but they always require a liberal approach to their economic and personal problems, before they can perform beyond expectations. In this regard, Canada permits its students to work for 20 hours a week during semesters, and full time during breaks. Is it not the most exciting opportunity as well as a viable solution to partly fund your education and living expenses?

  1. Research Oriented Universities

Canada hosts many private and public research universities, which focus their curriculum on the practical learning of subjects. With its advanced studio facilities, research labs, and industrial internship opportunities, Canada brings a wholesome learning experience to life. The students in such universities specialize with deep knowledge of their subjects as well as its implications, functions, and drawbacks in real time. This is what makes Canadian education world-famous among aspiring students.

  1. Lucrative Career Opportunities and Permanent Residency

Canada is one of the most advanced countries, when it comes to technological advancements and internet penetration. With more than half of the population being degree holders, the industries of Canada are constantly on rise. This is one of the major reasons why people from across the world want to settle in this industrious country. Moreover, Canada offers its students many lucrative job opportunities after they have completed their education from its institutions along with easy permanent residency plans. This willingness of the country to welcome and embrace international intelligentsia also attracts the young and ambitious students, who are searching for exposure and expansion in their identity and individuality.

  1. Affordable Beyond Imagination

Analysis is the major tool for decision-making. Thus, when you are on the verge of making the big decision of selecting your college, do not ignore the index of cost in your analysis. In this regard, the colleges of Canada offer surprisingly affordable education when you compare them to other cities of choice. Moreover, the myriad scholarship options and financial aid grants cut the costs further down. This is one of the determinants for mass appeal of Canada among students aspiring overseas education. Why have degrees at full cost, when you could graduate at half of it? This is also accompanied by the qualitative balance that Canadian education offers when making it cost effective. Thus, essentially, Canada is a country which understands and prioritizes your education over other luxuries.

  1. Safe and Peaceful Lifestyle

It is a well established fact that Canada is one of the safest cities to live in. This stands to be the truth of the country, and should be considered as an important factor when deciding on your education. With increasing crime and discrimination across the world, many high profile cities have alarming crime rates. In these areas, students are often confined to their homes late at night and do not have the liberty of time. Against this, Canada which was ranked as one of the safest nations in the Global Peace Index, 2018, provides its students the safe haven to flourish and learn, so you may continue your education with a healthy state of mind and body.

These are some of the insights from our end that will help you explore Canada as an option for higher education, the next time you start researching on your dream college. Stay connected for more inputs on Canadian education in our next blog on Co-op programs in Canada!

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