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An Art School where Learners Explore Art, Graphics, and Life: EdNet School of Art and Design

Give your ambition wings, and we will be the wind beneath them! EdNet School of Art and Design has always functioned on the values of experimentation and exploration in the field of Art and Design. Our studio, located in an offbeat, strikingly green location in Okhla, encourages students to breathe in open air, observe nature, and draw an inimitable inspiration that might change their artistic journey altogether. As we believe in the unconventionality of discipline, we also believe that a person with creative abilities has a sublimity, which breaks away from all social and psychological barriers, such as age and gender.

Consequently, to instill in you the fearlessness of Frida Kahlo and Leonardo Da Vinci, who took up Art and Design in the most unconventional ways and yet made their mark in history, we have taken a unique initiative. Lately, the EdNet team has scheduled a reliable course structure, with respect to the availability of adult learners, who are passionate about learning the crafts of art, design, and graphics.

Art Classes for Adult Learners:

As EdNet School of Art and Design follows a personalised approach to creative arts, our faculty is now going to supervise the skills and craft of adult learners separately. For this, the school has come up with a unique and innovative curriculum to accommodate the busy schedules of adults. Under the Adult Art Classes category, we have specialised classes of two hours twice a week, as well as two modules designed for a structured enhancement of skills, over a duration of one month to three months.

Our diverse curriculum aims to define your future art endeavors, and contains numerous techniques, mediums, and methods to uplift the creativity and expressivity of a piece. The faculty members would take you methodically through a structured course, including sketching (pencil and charcoal), dry pastels, water color, acrylic painting, pen and ink, and color pencil, thereby enriching your experience with us. Moreover, through rigorous practice sessions, assignments, and live practice methods, you could polish your artistic skills, just as you always desired.

Graphic Classes for Learners of All Ages:

While Art continues to incessantly expand its horizons in the digital world, it might be the case that even as you practiced traditional forms of art, you could not catch the train of technology. Thus, EdNet School of Art and Design aspires to provide technical training in innovative disciplines of Art, such as Graphic Designing. The course contains two specialized modules based on varied methods and techniques involved with graphic designing. Here, you could begin without inhibitions, from introducing the editing tools in your life and graduating in means of digital sketching and vector character designing, amongst many other technical skills.

The fundamental syllabi formulated by the EdNet Art faculty will ensure that you have in-depth knowledge of skills such as branding, logo designing, stationery designing, and poster designing. Moreover, you would also become adept in using tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, which happen to be the foundational pillars of digital editing. Additionally, the EdNet Faculty would also guide you through the brainstorming of storyboards and ideas that could lead to formation of unique characters and themes in your digital artwork.

The course, much like our art classes, will be divided into classes of one-and-a-half hours, twice a week, so as to give you ample time to practise and gain expertise. Moreover, beginning in July, the time duration of the course will span over two months, during which you will work on all the fifteen techniques taught to you for enhanced creativity and stabilized learning.

Why choose EdNet School of Art and Design?

Now, we know there are numerous art schools in Delhi, trying to grab your attention through quirky advertisements and loud announcements. However, we believe that Art and Graphic Designing needs time, genuine and experienced guidance, and strong focus to develop skills. Thus, at EdNet, we keep the classes smaller and the attention sharp. You would be guided one-on-one by the Faculty members whenever in doubt, and will be provided with unique and personalized techniques to sharpen your speed and efficiency at creating installations and digital artwork. Moreover, the nurturing environment of our art studio will bring out the artist in you, in a slow, yet steadily graded manner! Here’s some further pros:

● A personalized way of methodical teaching by the EdNet Art Faculty, which includes eminent artists and technicians.
● An integrated syllabus that covers all aspects of the course, unlike a shallow undertaking of any other crash course.
● An inspiring studio, where you could bring your ideas to life with the constant support of the EdNet team.
● An exposure to various mediums, themes, and the relevance of storytelling through art while brainstorming sessions for your pieces.
● An approach to not just make you technically efficient, but also develop critical thinking, perception, and vision through practice sessions.

Thus, EdNet School of Art and Design would bring into your lives a combination of decades of experience in global artistic trends, as well as, a guided curriculum to achieve all your dreams. Our constant interface with the representatives of top art colleges from all over the world including Parsons, FIDM, and UAL, gives us a unique and enriched perspective to supervise unparalleled growth for young and budding artists. Join our courses, and begin your journey into dynamic realms of art.

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