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Art and Design: Discover Your True Calling with EdNet School of Art and Design

Art & Design

Making art is fun. But there’s a lot more to it. It might serve an evolutionary purpose -- and emerging research shows that it can help us feel happy and relaxed.

Art is indeed a powerful medium to explore, understand, and communicate life effectively. Consequently, many new age individuals are drawn to this passionate field of engagement and end up making their careers in professions like Fashion Design, Architecture, Product Design, and Graphic Design among others. However, have you ever felt that the magical moment of realisation when you discover what purpose you exactly want to serve through your artistic skills is extremely confusing. Maybe you wanted to become an oil painter, and turned up painting wall murals for interior designing of houses. Perhaps you could have used your skills with symmetry to design minimalist products, but pursued architecture and cannot go back to your true calling now. Well, to take this confusion, anxiety, or even regret out of your life, EdNet School of Art and Design is working hard! Here, you would begin with distinguishing between Art and Design, and progress to becoming a specialist even as you are enrolled for one of our foundational courses which are customised according to your requirements.

Located in the serene atmosphere of South Delhi, EdNet School of Art and Design has a stellar and experienced faculty, alongside its rigorous routine and technique sessions prepared by the team. Here, you could discover some of the most popular schools of art, design, editing, and graphic designing as you practice regularly under our expert supervision. Thus, let us help you find out more about how we could help you build a substantial career in Art and Design with us.

Structure: EdNet at a Glance

EdNet School of Art and Design has an integrated faculty group, which comprises established artists and teachers with expertise in various techniques of painting, sculpture, as well as design. Moreover, the Art and Design School located in Delhi is under direct supervision of Ms Niharika Sondhi, Founder and Managing Director of EdNet School of Art and Design and EdNet Consultants. Her expert guidance and portfolio building instructions are unparalleled in Delhi. Moreover, you also get to partake in outdoor activities such as art tours and museum visits to understand the vivid and rich tradition and history of different schools of art. Thus, it is nothing short of a crash course in techniques, emotions, and counselling as far as your career in art is concerned.

Services Offered

Firstly EdNet School of Art and Design offers you easy-to-take courses of different time frames in order to fulfil your artistic dreams without disrupting your usual life. For this purpose we have following categories of Fine Art Courses curated for different sections of artist-
● One Month Fine Arts Course
● Three Month Fine Arts Course
● Six Month Fine Arts Course
● Twelve Month Fine Arts Course
● Portfolio Building Course
● Switching Streams Course
● Adult Learners Course

Moreover, portfolio development classes are followed up by portfolio reviews where representatives from top art schools share their opinions to the students enrolled with EdNet Consultants and the EdNet School of Art and Design. These reviews will not just give you a definite direction, but will also strengthen your chances of getting admission in top design schools across the globe.

Artists’ Visits

EdNet School of Art and Design is famous for holding numerous art talks and workshops, while hosting artists of international calibre and repute. In this regard, we hosted Nancy Reigelman, who has been a faculty member at institutes like FIDM, USC, Parsons, among others, to hold a fashion sketching workshop for students and hold an interactive talk on the same. Consequently, we aim to further enhance our interactive sessions with artists, and encourage our students to participate, perform, and discuss Art and Design on national and international platforms. Thus, with us you would not just live your artistic journey, but will also grow to be an aware artist with well informed opinions of international repute and standing.

NIFT/NID/UCEED: We have it all covered!

EdNet School of Art and Design in collaboration with EdNet Consultants could actually make your NIFT dream come true through proper training and coaching. Here, we have the syllabus of GAT (General Ability Test) and CAT (Creative Ability Test) covered for you across an extended coaching routine that you would follow. Get enrolled with us, and practice hard, for art is a culmination of both- precise and sharp brain power, as well as sensitive perspective. EdNet is one of the few art schools in Delhi that have such an integrated approach for grooming and encouraging budding artists.

Portfolio Enhancement and Course Counselling

As an art student, if you are still confused about which course to take, or how to figure out the difference between B.A. Industrial Design and B.A. Product Design, we are here to assist. EdNet Consultants and EdNet School of Art and Design together could be your one stop solution for all application worries and course selection doubts. At EdNet, we have an integrated team at your disposal that will help you channelise your true strengths, and highlight the same in your portfolio in accordance with your course choices. Moreover, as you select your course, our team will also advise you with courses and other options to grow in skill and enhance your resume before applying to your dream university.

What are you waiting for? Contact us, get enrolled, and explore your life through the innovative and colorful lens of Art and Design! The world is waiting for the artist in you, start seeking and you shall carve a niche, early on.

For more information on counseling and guiding students, call us on 011-41013223/ 41013224/


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