College Admissions Scandal: How Ednet Consultants can be the key for you to avoid fraudulent agencies.

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college admission fraud

Early in the morning of 13th March, 2019 the world woke up to an internet-breaking scandal of college admissions fraud. With at least 40 people charged, among them high-profile celebrities Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, our faith on the sanctity of academic integrity took a toll. At this precarious moment, I, Niharika Sondhi and the EdNet team would like to reassure our students that we believe in maintaining the authenticity of their profile and find a college that is best fit for their credentials. Here, we are providing a break-down of our services, which demonstrate our commitment to ethical admissions procedure.

We get intimate
What exactly compels candidates and parents to stoop to dubious means for their college admission? This happens when they are not given the right guidance that can help them identify their strengths. At EdNet, we understand that each student is unique, and we motivate him or her to embrace that individuality. Our personalized career counselling sessions focus on making the students comfortable and sharing their stories with us. After evaluating their interests, talents, background, and aptitude, I personally guide them in choosing the right course and college or university that is an ideal fit.

We care, even beyond the admissions procedure
EdNet students are a part of the family. We make it our mission to not only get you into your dream college, but also ensure that you thrive in the institution of your choice. We believe in empowering our students to the best of their potential which prevents them from using fraudulent methods. An environment which is not a good fit for the student could result in a grave loss of confidence – something that can be dangerous for the student who is taking his first step into the real world. Instead, we encourage students to grow in knowledge and tap their optimum potential in an environment which is the best fit for them amidst like-minded peers.

We encourage you to be the best version of yourself
From the time you step into our office, the EdNet team is ready to hone your strengths and highlight your unique talents. Our highly qualified instructors in the Test Prep department will provide their expert guidance as you prepare for various standardized tests. We believe in you – your intelligence, aptitude and calibre – which are the keys to scoring the best results without any manipulation or deceit. In recent years, college admission committees are prone to favour students who are more proactive and socially-aware. Therefore, in extra-curricular activities, we encourage students to enhance their profile by participating in internationally-relevant workshops and seminars, exploring their interests through internships, or maybe even publishing their research work in a student journal!

We give you a home away from home
From time to time we have had a few students who came knocking on our door, after going through a bad experience of studying oversees for over a year. Why so? After all, studying abroad presents excellent opportunities for intellectual growth, cultural exchange and cultivation of social responsibility, isn’t it? Well, the former happens because they have moved into an environment or a system which has not matched their college requirement or experience. It could be as simple also as not finding the right accommodation or the right roomie. Once again, it is EdNet to their rescue, providing assistance for the entire package – whether it is for visa application, booking tickets for travel, or preparing for accommodation in and around the campus of their choice.

College admissions are highly competitive and every year thousands of hopefuls seek out a consulting agency that they can depend on for the entirety of their admission application procedure. As the scandal that broke out on the 13th of this month shows, ‘fraudulent’ implies an action which rarely leads to meaningful fruition; and in the worst of circumstances, may even lead to felony charges. My organisation EdNet and I, with its 18 year old trusted legacy, essentially aims at nurturing and encouraging the students’ inherent potential and inclinations, and endows them with the skill-set in preparation for their happy journey ahead.

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