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Meet Niharika Sondhi – Top Education Counsellor

Having lived in the USA for eighteen years, Niharika Sondhi is well-informed about the requirements of the higher education system there. With over 20 years of experience as an education counselor in overseas and Indian education, she is an expert in connecting with students, parents, and educational institutions. She has visited over 303 schools all over the world which makes her knowledge hands-on. A result oriented professional, with her experience and exposure of International Universities and their courses, she guides and assists students through their college admission process.

Niharika earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Jesus & Mary’s College, Delhi University in B.Com (Hons) and simultaneously pursued Art and Design for 4 years. She then worked with Penmark Realty and Friedman Management located in New York City for several years as Chief of Accounts.

Following her experience in a renowned real estate company, she joined IILM – a prestigious private university in New Delhi, where she worked in the senior position of a Director in developing course curriculums for Post Graduate and Undergraduate levels, managing faculty, and developing associations with the Indian Education Regulatory Boards such as UGC and AICTE. She also conducted research on emerging areas, and developed strong associations and collaborations with top universities all over the world for curriculum building, student exchange programs, and conducting summer schools.

After almost six years of experience, Niharika pursued her Masters in Marketing from the University of Bradford, UK where she wrote her thesis on Internationalization of Higher Education in India that won her top awards. In 2002, with her experience inside and outside the academia, she launched Ednet Consultants with the sole intention of working for the students to help them get into the best-fit Universities and Colleges of their choice based on their aptitude, credentials and goals.