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How to Apply and Secure Admission into Top Universities for Master’s and MBA in India and Overseas

Top Universities for Master’s and MBA in India

On 18 August, EdNet Consultants organized a lively and informative webinar on the topic: How to Apply and Get Admitted into Top Universities for a Master’s or an MBA Degree in India and Abroad. The webinar was conducted for disseminating crucial information amongst the undergraduate students of Jesus & Mary College, University of Delhi. Invited by Marketus, the Marketing Society at JMC, the founder and Director of EdNet Consultants, Niharika Sondhi addressed a large group of almost 200 students who were seeking expert guidance on varied topics.

The session began with a brief introduction by Ms Sondhi about her long stint of counseling thousands of students in charting successful academic paths. Moving on, she provided important insights on when exactly is the right time to apply for a Master’s degree. A student has to be extremely sure of the field or discipline s/he has chosen to apply for. Based on the student’s profile, interests, and preferences, s/he should carefully introspect before taking any decision.

It was further pointed out that students applying for a Master’s after a few years of work experience gives them an adequate edge over their peers. In fact, work experience and internships can enable a student to identify if a particular field is suitable for that candidate. Ms. Sondhi has herself seen students changing their area of expertise when they decided to go for a Master’s program.

The discussion further ensued to throw light on how exactly does a Master’s degree help in attaining specialization. Ms. Sondhi very aptly put forth that the workplaces are constantly evolving in our present scenario; therefore, it is pertinent to acquire skill proficiency or expertise in any domain.

Often, students are confused after completing their undergraduate studies. Sometimes, due to peer or family pressure, they inadvertently apply to graduate schools. In this context, Ms Sondhi was firm in expressing that it is vital to identify one’s interests. Basically, a student has to be extremely passionate for the field s/he is going to pursue.

Commenting on the benefits of doing a Master’s degree, Ms Sondhi mentioned that it helps in enhancing one’s professional network and aids healthy interaction amongst like-minded individuals. A large proportion of employers actually seek candidates having expertise that a Master’s degree provides for. In addition to skill enhancement and profile-building, a Master’s degree enables hands-on opportunities that can help students advance swiftly in their careers. Not only does a Master’s help in acquiring crucial writing, research, analytical, and problem-solving skills, it eventually makes one a lifelong learner.

Ms Sondhi further went on to explain the real distinction between an MBA degree and a Master’s in Management. While an MBA course focuses on gaining pragmatic experience, a Master’s degree largely enables theoretical and conceptual understanding. The audience was also informed about the difference between a Taught Master’s and a Research Master’s.

The last 30 minutes of the session were devoted to an interactive Q&A session. A number of students posed relevant queries about the GMAT and GRE exams and the university eligibility criteria. As such, Ms Sondhi shared that the students also have the option of applying to less popular destinations, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and some European nations other than the most preferred countries like the UK, the USA, or Canada. Furthermore, students were quite curious about financial and logistical requirements that are an indispensable part of the application and admission process.

In conclusion, Ms Sondhi elucidated that the aspiring students have to be extremely meticulous and wise, when it comes to selecting the right course and university for it can make or break anyone’s future progression.

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