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How to Write Unique College Admission Essays

College Admission Essay

How to Write Unique College Admission Essays?

A hefty application process is only one of the first worries of an aspirant wanting to attain quality education. If you have an academic dream to study in the best of universities across the globe, I am sure you are aware of the hard work that you are just about to put into your application process. However, the one element which makes your application unique and your candidature interesting for the admission board, is your set of college essays. Through this blog we have tried to answer some of the important FAQs that will make “essay-writing” a fun task to do!

How Important is an Essay Prompt?        

Universities often come up with unique essay prompts with reference to the course that you are applying to, while keeping intact their academic requirements. In this regard, it is of utmost importance that you read the essay prompts, and answer accordingly. The time that you invest in understanding the essence of each prompt, and filter keywords of importance, will add further value to your essay. Moreover, the essay prompts are often in keeping with the spirit of the university, which gives them their uniqueness. Thus, it is best advised that you visit the website of the university and understand their cultural and academic goals even before you start writing.

Who Are You? – Reflect and Respond!

It is a global culture that the college admission essays revolve around your personal challenges, qualities, growth, and academic momentum. Therefore, take a fresh look at your life and understand your background, culture, ideologies, and aspirations, in order to pen down a deeply reflective essay. The essays are about you, however, there should always be an attempt to involve your universe into it. You could talk of myriad things ranging from your pet dog to your international engagements and internships. Make use of the blank page to turn your destiny incredibly around!

What is it About Your Credentials That Are so Distinguished From the Crowd?

While you are writing the essay, ensure that you include your entire profile through anecdotes, instances, and credible mentions. It’s not a time to shy away, but to display your potential to the fullest! Make sure you prepare a list of all your achievements, awards, projects, and exceptional qualities, before you dive into the writing exercise. Meanwhile, also think about that one aspect of your personality, or work, which could make you stand out in the eyes of the reviewer. Have you taken foreign trips? Do you have an international internship experience? Have you worked full time? All these instances could make you stand out as a candidate as they showcase your awareness, personality, and cross-cultural experiences.

Which is That One Instant that Defines Motivation and Perseverance for You?

This is a part that is inherently present in all application processes. Whether you are applying to a core engineering course, or, a humanities degree course, you need to elaborate upon your choice. Rest assured, there is going to be one assertive prompt demanding to know- why this course? Therefore, prepare well, study your choices, and make a list of reasons and career plans, which might have motivated you to take the decision.

Can College Admission Essays be Humorous?

Of course! This is not your usual academic essay, where you have a rigid structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. Feel free to make intelligent humor resound throughout your content, as long as it is in keeping with the prompt of the essay. Also, make sure you mention the instances of your life, without being inhibited with the formality of the process. The admission committees have no reservations about getting to know you as a person through your sense of humor, courage, and sincerity.

How Important is Language Efficiency in College Admission Essays?

It has been a trend that college admission essays are stylistically refined and enhanced. However, you do not have to be a linguistic expert to prove your worth as an applicant. The language of the essay needs to be simple, flowing, and self-explanatory. You could, surely, experiment with expressions and syntax of essay-writing, but advanced language classes are by no means needed! Therefore, do not fear that you are not good enough, even before beginning to sketch the outline of an essay. Feel free to use your vocabulary bank and write in your own personal style.

Are Grammatical Faults Forgivable for College Essays?

It is highly advisable that the college admission essays should be neatly drafted and well edited. A grammatical error or a spelling mistake could take away the attention of the examiner absorbed in your story. To avoid displeasing the committees with technical errors, you should read your essay at least ten times over a period of time. Moreover, seek help! Contact your senior, teacher, or parent to review and pour in suggestions. This will not just enhance the quality of your essay, but will also make it error-free and duly proofread.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can win the college admission battle single-handedly!

Use your application time wisely with the following these EdNet tips on “essay-writing”-

  • Start writing early to make optimum use of the time you have on hand.
  • Draft an outline explaining to yourself the story, plot, and content of the essay.
  • Go through various student essay samples available online.
  • Study the requirements of the universities on the common application portal and try to find relevant information.
  • Be light in vocabulary and significant in content.
  • Be personal, sincere, and honest while narrating the instances from your life.
  • Do not stuff too many incidents in a small paragraph.
  • Take breaks before reviewing the written piece again.
  • Take out time daily for writing instead of making it an overnight struggle.

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