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Is Art and Design Your True Calling?”: Exclusive Webinar by Niharika Sondhi

“The principle of true art is not to portray, but to provoke”- Jerzy Kosinski

EdNet Consultants and EdNet School of Art and Design saw yet another zenith in the field of digital education programs, with the successful completion of their webinar on “Is Art and Design Your True Calling?”. The event held on the evening of 17th June, 2020, was hosted by Mrs Niharika Sondhi (Founder and Director at EdNet Consultants), who discussed core concerns of Art and Design enthusiasts in terms of career opportunities and higher education pathways. She also went on to highlight major differences between the two disciplines and how students can optimize their potential and skills in charting out an artistic career path.

Mrs Sondhi also elaborated upon the various reputed Art and Design colleges across the globe, in conjunction to her digital presentation, which veritably illustrated different kinds of mediums such as Photography, Graffiti, Paintings, and Sculpture as forms of art. Moreover, our prestigious guest speaker for the event, Courtney Richter (Assistant Director of Admissions Recruitment, OTIS College of Art and Design), also graced the event with her informative talk, insights, and descriptive presentation on OTIS. She not only gave valuable insights into the world of the global art and design community, but also elaborated upon the perseverance and persistence that the students need to maintain, in order to achieve their full potential as artists. While talking about the artistic dilemmas, and various portfolio requirements such as sketch book and mood board, she also shared with the students an encouraging video clip for boosting their natural aptitude with rigorous practice.

Lastly, an interactive Q and A round was held, where students inquired about various courses provided by OTIS College, and also delved deep into the prospective opportunities in this discipline. Later, the challenges of practicing art amidst COVID-19 crisis was also brought to notice by the students, who were reassured by Courtney that the universities have been reflecting on their plight regularly. The webinar was an enriching experience for more than 50 participants, while being a visual treat, demonstrating an array of informative presentations and pertinent video clippings. EdNet also expresses its desire to consistently conduct more such webinars for academic awareness and skill enhancement of its students in the following months.

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