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Lasalle College of the Arts: Postgraduate Programs

Lasalle Postgraduate Course

Lasalle College of the Arts: Postgraduate Programs and Experiences

The Masters courses at Lasalle are a thoughtful accumulation of discourses that are designed to groom students for advanced professional positions in the creative industries. Students can apply for postgraduate studies at Lasalle immediately after completing their undergraduate studies or can even choose to strengthen their professional credibility through a Master’s degree in Fine Arts or Design. Alternatively, degrees in emerging fields such as Art Therapy, Arts and Cultural Leadership, Creative Writing, etc., are also provided.

Along with Lasalle’s undergraduate courses, their postgraduate courses too are validated by the peer review partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London. Additionally, the international quality of its faculty, helps students stay in touch with contemporary global trends in their respective fields. Masters students are also encouraged to indulge in research and collaborate with local and international design communities.

Here are the programmes offered to Masters students at Lasalle:

 Art Therapy

The MA in Art Therapy program is a first of its kind in Southeast Asia and is designed to educate future professionals on how they can use art to treat individuals who are dealing with stress, trauma, and physical, mental or societal challenges. The interdisciplinary program allows students to develop art skills through studio-based learning, while accelerating their knowledge in areas of medical science learning, development, conditioning, trauma, and age-related mental health issues. The clinical approaches are supplemented with focus on cultural awareness, international ethics and sensitivity to difference and diversity. Students can build their profile as a professional Art Therapist and pursue the field upon graduation or indulge in research work that can further the implementation of this relatively new subject area.

Arts and Cultural Leadership

This program is focused on enhancing the capabilities of Arts and Cultural Managers, instilling the ability to innovate new initiatives and fulfill leadership roles within the sector. As Asian economies have begun to rely heavily on the native art and culture scene, it is important to have knowledgeable representatives leading the field. Those who take up managerial positions in this enigmatic field created networks between the artist, their patrons and the dynamic elements within the creative industries.

Combining industry knowledge with strategic management and entrepreneurial skills, the program is designed for professionals who will go on to create suitable environments for art to thrive in. Lasalle’s position at the center of Singapore’s ‘Global City for Arts’ vision makes promising advantages for students enrolled in this course, who will be able to grow through connections and interactions with guest lecturers, artists-in-residence, workshops, and more.

 Arts Pedagogy and Practice

The MA in Arts Pedagogy and Practice is for those who believe they possess the skills to educate the next generation of leaders in the creative arts. It aims to enhance your critical thinking skills, self-awareness, and reflexivity, while instilling qualities of nurturing and mentoring. This program can also be pursued along with on-going professional practice. The interdisciplinary environment at Lasalle allows students in this course to interact with experienced artists from vastly different backgrounds and interests, resulting in vast pedagogical discussion and research. Lasalle’s postgraduate research facilities are one of the biggest prospects offered to students in this course as it allows them to learn in a hands-on manner, teaching methods and educational theories that can be applied in their future or on-going career.

 Asian Art Histories

As an exploration within established investigations in the field of Art History, the MA in Asian Art Histories is a unique program that contributes to the historical discourse of art in Asia. Moreover, the focus on modern and contemporary artists further associates this program with the propagation of Asia’s art scene. Professionally-inclined, the course engages students in expanding their professional repertoire and network, grooming them into leading thinkers of the field.

There is exponential scope for research initiatives within this program, especially with the growing relevance of Asian artists in the international realm. Lasalle allows graduates to succeed on the basis of connections to influential conferences, publications, and industry leaders. Alumni grants such as the Winston Oh Art Histories Travel Grant and the Chinese Art and Cultural Research Grant, further validate the individual and collaborative projects taken up by students.

 Creative Writing

Lasalle College creates the unique opportunity for postgraduate students to hone their creative writing skills in an atmosphere where they can be constantly influenced by visual artists, performers and art professionals. Available in two modes, full time for three semesters and part-time for six semesters, the MA in Creative Writing program focuses on fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama writing. Students learn through workshops to inculcate critical theory and historical framework for the analysis of literature and submit a creative thesis project in a genre of their choice. Graduates can develop careers as writers, editors, publishers, cultural curators and educators of the field.


The postgraduate program in Design at Lasalle focuses on both technical sophistication and practical growth through emphasis on research. With the growing demand for designers who can break the mold of conventional design across industries, the MA in Design program seeks to ‘re-imagine the world’ through design. Students are transformed into research-based creators, equipped to bring optimal solutions that can help strategically transform lives. With an interdisciplinary, collaborative learning process supported by Lasalle’s high-end Design Labs, and a range of industry partners, the MA in Design graduate is set to emerge as a leader in their professional field.

 Fine Arts

 With an interdisciplinary approach and programs in studio experimentation and innovation, the Fine Arts postgraduate course is designed to enable students to advance in their practice. In the rapidly evolving Art landscape, Lasalle has attempted to inject their students with an abundance of knowledge in the socio-cultural sensitivities that shape the art industry today. The program includes rigorous studio-based training, critical theoretical approaches and conceptualizations associated with historical context and cultural relevance. The program boasts a global faculty from a range of academic and artistic backgrounds, as well as an accomplished roster of guest lecturers, international artists, curators and critics amidst the vibrant ecosystem of fellow candidates.

Lasalle’s diverse, inclusive and truly global atmosphere makes it an appropriate location for undergraduates seeking to pursue a creative career. The international faculty and student body results in a rich experience of cultural exchange and innovative ideations. The progressive teaching philosophy and interdisciplinary curriculum further engages students in meaningful work. Learn more about how you can groom yourself into a best fit candidate for Lasalle College, read our blog on ‘What Lasalle looks for in their Applicants?’

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