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Lasalle College of the Arts: Undergraduate Programs and Experiences

Lasalle Undergraduate Programe

Lasalle College of the Arts: Undergraduate Programs and Experiences

Lasalle College of the Arts is recognized as a top Art & Design institute in the Asia-Pacific region and offers an impressive range of courses to students applying for their undergraduate program. The institute has also been the recipient of notable achievements such as the EduTrust Star award that acknowledges Lasalle’s quality education services. Their partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London, has significantly expanded the ambit of undergraduate courses offered at the college.

Lasalle’s core philosophy is also associated with the Singaporean government’s plans of emerging as that ‘Global City for the Arts’. As such, their programs are designed specifically to produce graduates who can help advance the growth of creative industries in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. Hence, Lasalle’s undergraduate programs undergo external peer review by Goldsmiths and are duly validated by them. If you consider Lasalle to be just the right place for your aspirations to flourish, the first thing to do is ensure which course is right for you. In this article, we have briefly discussed the programs Lasalle offers at the undergraduate level and what resources are available to accommodate students specializing in these areas.


The Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Acting  program trains students in acting, voice and movement techniques through theory and practical application. Aside from classes, students participate in projects, workshops, and in-house productions. Lasalle is equipped with three theatre venues, a film studio as well as a recording studio to accommodate the requirements of their Acting honors students. Moreover, the department often collaborates with professional partners of Lasalle to develop new theatre works, offering students a glimpse into industry requirements and standards.

The three-year program is a full-time course with a three-level structure that gradually accustoms students to the facets of the theatre industry. In the duration of this course, students attend lectures, seminars, practical presentations, class participation, rehearsals and masterclasses that enhance their talents. Students are also assigned a minimum of 200 hours of on-the-job training, which can be fulfilled through either a single full-time internship or multiple short-term ones. The Acting honors program also offers student exchange opportunities, where one can spend a semester in a foreign university and diversify their learning experience.


This specialization course is offered to art students who wish to build a career in the world of animation. The three year course takes you through the stages of conceptualization, development and production that is involved in the animation industry. This program also has an interdisciplinary focus which fosters an eclectic thought process among Lasalle’s graduates. The Level 1 of this course introduces a systematic work-flow that enhances the students calibre for creative problem-solving and decision-making. While in Level 2, there is specific focus on developing technical expertise, in their final year students get to engage with industry experts to build their graduation project. Similar to the BA in Acting (Hons.) program, candidates in Animation Art can also enroll for exchange programs and internship opportunities.


This unique programme is offered to those aspiring to become arts managers, who, in most cases, are required to have in-depth knowledge of the art history and the varied movements and techniques in the field of art. Lasalle’s globally engaged platform allows students in this program to meet and interact with local and international arts managers and fulfill a research topic of their choice under the guidance of top professionals.

The interdisciplinary course is not only focused on the study of art and its associated literature. It also delves into the fundamentals of business, communication, entrepreneurship and diplomacy. As curators of local art, this program grooms you to become a representative of your region and its culture.


Design Communication is an umbrella program developed to accommodate students interested in Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Multimedia Design, Web Design, and so on. A key focus of this course is ‘art that communicates’. Therefore, students are encouraged to explore the more entrepreneurial side of design. Graduates of this course are able to work with huge corporations and advertising firms with enhanced capability of using creative elements to generate influence.

Lasalle’s forward-thinking philosophies emerge clearly with the details of this particular programme design. In today’s day and age, designers who can assist corporations in promoting their messages are high in demand. Hence, students enrolled in or applying for this course can look forward to building a lucrative career for themselves while creating value for society.


The Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Fashion Design and Textiles is a suitable course for those aspiring to make it big in the fashion industry. Students are taken through workshops, industry projects, and classes focused on the construction of fashion garments, using a mix of traditional and contemporary approaches.

In this program you can choose to either specialize in Womenswear or Menswear. Advanced techniques in Creative Fashion Cutting and Textiles are introduced to students along with a strong understanding of the fashion industry. Students in this course can lead successful careers in Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Pattern Cutting, Production Management, Costume Designing, Accessory Designing, Merchandising, and so on.


The focus of this course is on the communication and business side of fashion. As an amalgamation of fashion media and fashion entrepreneurship, this course offers significant advantage to students by educating them in the socio-cultural association of the fashion industry. The program offers specializations in Fashion Journalism, Styling, Art Direction and Fashion Photography.

The curriculum is structured to prepare students for diverse roles within areas of Marketing and Branding, Fashion Curation, and Entrepreneurship. Students can benefit from the theoretical approach of this program while also combining it with relevant experiences in the form of internships and exchange programs.


This course introduces students to the art of cinematic story-telling. Collaborating with local and international film communities, the Bachelor of Arts in FIlm degree from Lasalle equips graduates with knowledge in film studies and the creative and critical thinking skills requisite in conceptualization and production. The nature of this program is oriented towards practical and technical understanding of cinematic frameworks. Students will be taught to explore different narrative environments, including feature films, short-films, documentaries and television commercials. Future career prospects include Direction, Script-Writing, Production, Cinematography, Sound, Editing and Production Design.


Lasalle’s Fine Arts program unites traditional techniques with more contemporary art forms, and in the process, instills critical thinking abilities among students, challenging them to develop a wide perspective that is adaptable to changes. The curriculum gives focus to both Asian and Western forms of Art, encouraging diversity and providing interdisciplinary nuance. Students work in Practical Studio to produce pieces of art that are both meaningful and aesthetically appreciable. You can hone your skills in a range of mediums and learn how your artwork can hold up a mirror to society, uphold cultural integrity and inculcate ideas.


 The interior design course at Lasalle aims to help students create experiential spaces and structures. Closely linked with other design disciplines such as Architecture and Industrial design, it provides professional training in the design and planning of domestic, leisure, retail, office, healthcare and institutional spaces. The advanced curriculum focuses on challenging convention by engaging students in a discourse of the controversial, unexpected and emergent that has been witnessed over the decades in Interior Design.

Students work in a practice-based studio environment which is supplemented by theoretical emphasis on the critical understanding of design and technical knowledge of building materials and technology. Participations in local and international design competitions, live projects and exhibitions further stimulate students’ interest and know-how.


The Music program at Lasalle offers five areas of specialisation, including Classical Performance, Jazz Performance, Popular Music Performance, Composition and Arranging, and Electronic Music. Accordingly, students will focus on essential technical skills through weekly lessons on theory and history, one-to-one coaching on composition, and regular performances.

This course is research-oriented, in that, students enrolled in the program have to be academically rigorous and meticulous in keeping up with industry demands. Collaborations among peers within the five specializations and even across disciplines are encouraged for the fulfillment of research work. Technological sophistication is a crucial factor in this program, especially for performance and compositional practice. Students are groomed to become leaders in the music industry and can even opt for postgraduate studies to enhance their skills.


Designed for gifted performers in the world of theatre, the Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre program at Lasalle is a first of its kind in Asia. Students can pursue professional careers in musicals, plays, cabaret, film, and television upon graduating. Graduates are even employed in regions beyond Asia such as the UK, Europe, the US and Australia. Skill-building is focused on three areas – singing, dancing and acting, and historical and cultural context is provided from which one can interpret and create.

Students participate in numerous workshops and are involved in a variety of productions – small and large scale. They also come into interaction with internationally acclaimed directors, music directors and choreographers, and even stand a chance to work with them, sowing the seeds for a flourishing career on stage.


Lasalle defines Product Design as congruence of people, process, method and meaning. Students are trained to imbibe a socio-cultural perspective into their craft. The key focus is on the elevation of the human experience and hence, factors such as economy, environment and culture are kept in mind. Teaching takes place in a studio-based environment, with strong emphasis on research, technical understanding and criticality. Students are urged to challenge norms with their designs and hone their ability to innovate.

Core areas of the curriculum are focused on material science, manufacturing technology and mass production. Training is also given for proficiency in producing 2D and 3D works, through manual tools or digitally. Internships allow students to interact with industry experts and develop foundational strength in the realm of production design.

Lasalle’s diverse, inclusive and truly global atmosphere makes it an appropriate location for undergraduates seeking to pursue a creative career. The international faculty and student body results in a rich experience of cultural exchange and innovative ideations. The progressive teaching philosophy and interdisciplinary curriculum further engages students in meaningful work. Learn more about how you can groom yourself into a best fit candidate for Lasalle College, read our blog on ‘What Lasalle looks for in their Applicants?’!

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