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Acquire US College Credits in India: Here’s How!

On October 20, 2023, during an interview with NewsX, I had the privilege of introducing the groundbreaking ‘Explorer Program,’ which marks the first-ever US College Credit course in India designed specifically for high school students. This dual enrollment program is the result of a collaborative effort between EdNet Consultants, Marquette University in the USA, and IPERC. I emphasized the distinctive features of the program and its potential to be a life-changing opportunity for our students who are considering higher education abroad. During the interview, I urged school principals and counselors to introduce this remarkable initiative and opportunity to their students, enabling them to benefit from accelerated education at a reduced cost.

I also offered valuable advice to both parents and students, highlighting how the program could provide a significant edge to their college applications. Unlike Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which rely on a single test, this program incorporates ongoing assessments, mirroring the US education system’s approach during a semester of study. Students can choose between online or hybrid formats and have the flexibility to enroll in any of the three available terms: summer, fall, or winter. At a time when currency exchange rates are soaring, this program offers a cost-effective means of acquiring US College credits while studying in India, saving both time and money. Moreover, these credits can be transferred to universities in the US and Canada, subject to individual assessment.

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US College Credit Courses Launched in India

CBSE Exams Evaluation Criteria: How does it affect students?

An assessment criteria was submitted to the Supreme Court for the CBSE class 12th students. While it is almost mid-June and young graduates of high-school have been worried, this is possibly the best solution to solve the final exam crisis in such tiring times. In consideration of schools and the high number of students across the country, the results are predicted to be out on 31st July.

I would also like to clarify the division for the marking scheme:
– 30% (Best three subjects total in class 10th)
– 30 % (Final exam results in class 11th)
– 40% ( Unit/ Pre-boards/Practicals in class 12th)

Niharika Sondhi on NDTV: COVID Vaccine Uncertainty Puts International Students In A Fix

25th May 2021, I had the opportunity to join a panel discussion on NDTV’s Left, Right & Centre on the topic ‘Foreign Bound Students In a Fix Over Covid Vaccine Uncertainty’.
So far, only vaccines that are approved by WHO is being accepted by universities abroad- where does this leave Covaxin? Indian students – many of whom are yet to be vaccinated or have taken one shot of Covaxin – are feeling anxious and demotivated.
The situation is certainly worrisome, however, we need to come up with solutions instead of submitting to sheer panic. Here’s what I believe can help:
1. Appeal to the universities to make the necessary arrangements for international students such as, on-campus quarantine centers, or financial aid compensations.
2. Consider deferral by a semester or take online classes for the time being. This might not be an exciting option for most students but it needs to be understood that we are still in the midst of a pandemic.
3. Lastly, we need to stay calm and have some patience. As I mentioned in the panel discussion, Bharat Biotech has already submitted their papers to WHO and I am confident that it’s only a matter of time before Covaxin is also added to the list.

Read & Watch Niharika Sondhi’s Feature in India Today: Covid-19 and Its Impact on the Study Abroad Dream

Students who worry that their study abroad experience will be hampered due to Covid-19 need to reassess their priorities and understand the measures being taken for their safety.

Many countries are urging their universities to open this fall, resulting in institutions to think of creative ways to impart education. Adopting a hybrid model of online and in-person classes has become the new ‘norm’ during the Covid-19 pandemic and it does have some advantages too. For instance, the hybrid model teaches the students how to manage their time and create their own pace of learning.

The disadvantage is, of course, that many students from low-income groups do not have access to a computer or an uninterrupted Wi-Fi, which jeopardizes their learning.

In the new norm, we need to reimagine how to learn. Yes, of course going to school and learning the traditional way will still be prevalent, but recent avenues through technological innovation have opened up new ways of learning.  Read more…

US Visa Ban and its Impact on Indian students and their education in the United States

On 7th July 2020, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a set of guidelines that caused a hue and cry among international students studying in US universities.

EdNet Director Niharika Sondhi, made an appearance on NewsX’s The Roundtable, sharing her opinions on the revised guidelines released by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).Temporarily denying student visas to all international students, these guidelines stated that online students who are taking in-person classes with only one online class or three credit hours online were eligible to remain in the US. Delineating the proper meaning of these guidelines and clarifying how students can work around them, Niharika drew attention to how in the midst of an on-going pandemic, these guidelines were appropriate safety measures that allowed students to come home while continuing their studies online. She also specified how students with hybrid courses can continue residing in the US once they procure the I-20 Form from their respective DSOs. Her statements laid to rest much of the apprehension that was created, especially after Harvard.

Pride of Indian Education Awards covered by ZEE Business

The Indian education system has been subjected to a lot of controversies at all times and till date the dilemmas and debates over educational issues continue in the country. On the other hand, studying abroad has become a new trend and academic dream of numerous Indian students. This has given a rise to the everlasting debate- Indian Education V/S Foreign Education.

Addressing queries of parents at the felicitation ceremony comprising of “Pride of Indian Education Awards”, Ms. Niharika Sondhi, MD of India’s leading oversees education consulting firm, EdNet Consultants, along with the Indian celebrity, Ms. Mandira Bedi, talks about the dilemma of choosing a university for their children. Kamini Ashri the founder of Study MBBS abroad specialist, and Ms. Sarita Sngh, CEO of Priyadarshani School (Alandi) along with Ms. Sondhi and Ms. Bedi, discussed the various reasons why students prefer to study abroad.

The panel also discussed differences between the quality of education, infrastructure, and opportunities in India and abroad. Ms. Sondhi talks about the opportunities available in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, and Singapore. However, she also highlights the fact that India has some of the best institutions like IITs and IIMs that are well-known across the globe.

An article on Niharika Sondhi’s  legacy and accomplishments is written in Forbes India Jan 2020

An article on Niharika Sondhi, the Farsighted Edupreneur, has been published in Forbes India January edition. She has been providing holistic academic counseling and guidance to both parents and students in the admission processes for national and foreign universities. Her education consultancy EdNet, has not just been guiding their career choices, but also helping them realize their dreams. Her unshakable belief in the Indian students and their ability to make global impact is what drives her every day. With a belief in giving her students the wings of awareness before their dreams take flight, she nurtures them to be constant learners in life.

A recipient of International Excellence Awards 2018 for Best Education Counselor in Delhi and NCR, Ms. Niharika has successfully carved out a niche for herself as an academic and career consultant. While being a proud counselor and entrepreneur, she would dismiss the sales talk by saying “Numbers don’t matter to me. My students speak for me. They are my voice. They are EdNet”. Clearly, her journey would encompass more student success stories, while she climbs the ladder of eminence.

Aspiration Fair 2019 covered by Times of India

EdNet Consultants had a delightful experience at the Times of India Aspiration Fair 2019 at The Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi on 25th-26th May. At the world’s leading education exhibition, the EdNet team was instrumental in addressing significant queries of higher-education aspirants and assisting with expert guidance in analyzing their profiles and streamlining their career paths through aptitude tests. The highlight of the event was Ms Niharika Sondhi’s talk on various opportunities, courses, college choices, and university selections for an audience of over 100 students and parents. She shared the dais as a panellist along with eminent personalities like Pervin Malhotra (Executive Director, Career Guidance India), Dr. Manoj Sinha (Principal, Aryabhatta College), and Dr. Raj Singh (Vice Chancellor, Ansal University). Further, her talk focused on Science and Technology, major requirements for various universities’ admission procedures, and the importance of a Liberal Arts education (No STEM without STEAM!)