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“EdNet Research Initiative for Advanced Learning”

As one of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi with over 20 years of dedicated service, EdNet Consultants understands the challenges faced by international students. Therefore, we are continuously encouraging them to step up to challenges in a manner that imbibes versatility. Taking this approach forward, we are now launching the EdNet Research Initiative for Advanced Learning (ERIAL). Through ERIAL, EdNet is starting the next phase of its journey in providing a sophisticated range of services to our students.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide a research platform to high school students

Every year we interact with enthusiastic students who are bursting with intellectual curiosity and are eager to contribute to society. Their ideas need not wait for an institutionalized induction into collegiate research. Through E.R.I.A.L., they can channel opinions, observations, and conclusions, in high school itself and get a head start to their journey in academic exploration!

  • Connect them to eminent professors and academicians around the world

Research is a collaborative effort between a student and their guide. Hence, EdNet has partnered with a team of eminent scholars, professionals and faculty members from universities in India and the US. E.R.I.A.L. will allow students and professors to connect as mentors and mentees, coordinating between then to endure mutually beneficial interactions.

  • Encourage independent research endeavors with our in-house guidance

E.R.I.A.L. does not limit students to working only under the instruction of a supervisor. If the child is confident about their research capabilities, EdNet allows them to work on their chosen topic independently. Of course, they will always find guidance from our team who provide round-the-clock assistance, guide materials, insights and lessons on academic writing, references and citations, and so on.

  • Help students grow in knowledge, learn and build their profile

It is our ardent belief that such research work will not only give an adequate boost to students’ profiles for college admission, but would also continue to be a remarkable feat within the ambit of their future accomplishments. Therefore, E.R.I.A.L.’s ultimate goal is to help students acquaint themselves with a higher form of learning by inculcating varied research methodologies, citation styles and the specificities of academic writing.

E.R.I.A.L. is associated with the following international research organisations

Cambridge Centre for International Research 

CCIR is a social enterprise, registered at Cambridge, whose overarching mission is to benefit the public by increasing the accessibility of knowledge. In our collaboration with them, we bring students the opportunity to participate in educational programs which are tailored to their higher education needs. For the summer programmes which begin in June 2021, students can select from an array of subject areas from Art History to Data Science! What’s more, you can work in close collaboration with Oxbridge researchers and gain college-level experience on topics of global interest and relevance. CCIR offers three modules:.

  • The Future Scholar Program
    • A highly-selective online research programme designed and taught by top Oxbridge faculty for gifted high school students around the world, it mirrors one semester’s worth of material of the undergraduate syllabus at Oxford and Cambridge.
  • 1-on-1 Research Mentorship
    • An fully-customizable mentorship program where your supervisor will be committed to maintaining the highest academic standards while working directly with you on the research topic of your choice.
  • The Future Entrepreneur Programme
    • This is an industry-focused program that will enhance your knowledge as well as your professional skills. Taught by Dr. Tom McClelland, a lecturer at the University of Cambridge. Additionally, it includes a Cambridge AI start-up as your consultant team while helping you publish a Whitepaper that provides unique industry insights.

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Lumiere Education

The Lumiere Research Scholar Program aims to train the next generation of scholars and leaders. Founded by a pair of Harvard alumni, the program is designed to aid talented high school students stand out in an increasingly competitive college admissions process. Along with prospects of conducting an individualized study under the mentorship of researchers from top universities like Harvard, Yale and Oxford, you stand to develop significant critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability. Work with Rhodes Scholars, Stanford PhDs and researchers whose work has been cited in publications like The Economist and BBC. The modules offered by Lumiere are listed below.

  • Topic-focused Research Program
    • The topic-focused program helps you understand what research at a top-level university entails as you assist researchers in their area of expertise
  • Individual Research Program
    • Work 1-on-1 with a research mentor to create an independent research paper interest in the topic of your interest
  • Premium Research and Publication Program
    • Write a high-quality research paper and publish research in a prestigious high-school or college-level journal

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INSPIRIT AI introduces AI Scholars Live Online, a pre-college enrichment program developed by Stanford alumni and graduate students. The program aims to familiarize students with the applications of Artificial Intelligence through live online classes that have global reach. Recognizing that AI is all around us today, this educational journey extends beyond STEM fields, also engaging students who are inclined towards disciplines such as law, economics, healthcare and art. Led by a team built out of Stanford and MIT graduates, the program guides students through a series of lectures and workshops to complete a group project that has an impact on areas of healthcare, transportation, and communication. INSPIRIT AI offers four Social Good Project tracks:

  • AI + Healthcare
  • AI + Sustainability
  • AI + Mobility
  • AI + Ethics

Apart from these established specializations, students are free to avail of the diverse experiences within the mentor pool and conduct applied AI projects in any discipline!

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