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SAT Coaching Classes in Delhi

Owned, developed, and published by the College Board, SAT assesses students’ readiness for college life. SAT measures Reading, Writing, and Mathematical skills that are considered critical for academic success in college and is the ultimate doorway to numerous universities and colleges in the United States of America.

Thus, the first and the most critical step on your path towards pursuing higher education is a reliable SAT preparation that can help you crack the exam, which is accepted by virtually all colleges and universities as a basis for admission. Luckily, EdNet Consultants is home to one of the best SAT coaching classes in Delhi!.

An SAT score of above 1400 might help you claim scholarships to study abroad. For international students, SAT is offered four times a year in the months of March, May, October, and December, and the good news is that you can appear multiple times for the SAT!

Go ahead and crack the SAT with EdNet Test Prep’s tireless support!

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SAT Structure

The revised pattern of the SAT exam consists of the following sections:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Test (100 minutes)
    i.  65-minute, 52-Question Reading section

    ii. 35-minute, 44-Question Writing and Language section
  • Math Test (80 minutes)
    i.  25-minute, 20-Question section without calculator

    ii. 55-minute, 38-Question section with calculator
  • 1 Essay Test (optional) – 50 minutes Essay section (as per requirements of specific universities)

SAT Scoring Blueprint

The SAT uses scaled test scores. The Reading, Writing, and Mathematics sections are scored individually. Every correct answer earns the candidate 1 point. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

The Raw Scores (total number of correct answers in each section) are converted into Test Scores for each section.

Test Scores

(10 to 40)

  • Reading Test
  • Writing Test
  • Math Test
Area Scores

(200 to 800)

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • Math
Composite Score

(400 to 1600)

Math Area Score (200 – 800) + Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Area Score (200 – 800)
Essay Scores

(6 to 24)

The essays are scored separately and are not a part of the composite score of 400 – 1600.

An SAT score of above 1400 might help you claim scholarships to study abroad.

Why EdNet?

Advanced Study Resources

Our up-to-date, well-researched, and comprehensive study resources provide our students the confidence and preparation to overcome any potential challenge on the day of the test.

Personalized Attention

Our small batch sizes enable our teachers to customize classes to meet unique requirements of each student.

14 full-length tests for SAT

14 simulated, full-length practice tests taken under strict supervision enable our students to get the real test experience. The outcome is an assured increase in your speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Ednet Specialized Reading Classes

Our special Reading strategies, focusing on SAT-related content, improve reading speed and comprehension skills, giving our students a unique edge.

Proven test taking strategies

Our proven test-taking strategies familiarize students with the many pitfalls on the test and ways to avoid them on the actual test.

Detailed Performance Monitoring

Constant monitoring of performance through meticulous feedback helps our students track their progress while working on their imperfections to achieve a score that reflects their truest potential.


  • My experience here at Ednet for SAT has been brilliant. Not only was I given enough prep material and practice papers by Shikha Ma'am, but Ma'am also always helped me with my doubts whenever I had them. The presentations made on each topic really helped me to spot the subtle mistakes and correct them in the writing paper. Shikha ma'am has been really really helpful. Rajesh sir also gave us enough prep material and practice for each individual topic.  Rest of my experience for SAT preparation at Ednet has been outstanding!
    Rehmat Kaur
  • My experience at Ednet while preparing for SAT and IELTS was great. I learnt many things and gained a lot of knowledge. The mock tests were quite similar to the actual test. The teachers are hardworking and dedicated.
    Adhishri Jain
  • Studying at Ednet was a great experience. I was a really careless person, but Shikha ma'am handled everything magically. Be it taking my classes or be it taking our test, she took so much pain for me and such level of effort is hardly seen anywhere else. She always went out of her way to make sure that I was well prepared for the exam. Her constant support and motivation was everything I needed and she believed in me when no one did, I surely love her for always being there. If it wouldn't have been her, I don't know how I would've managed the SAT.
    Mrigna Gupta


SAT is scored on a scale from 400 to 1600. It has two major sections – Evidence based Reading and Writing, and Mathematics, which are scaled between 200 and 800, and the Essay is marked separately.

SAT is a 3 hour long test excluding the optional Essay test. Including the optional essay test, it lasts 3 hours 50 minutes, out of which, 65 minutes are allotted to the evidence-based section, 35 minutes for Writing and Language, 80 minutes for Math, and 50 minutes for the Essay.

You must register yourself 4-5 weeks before the scheduled exam date, as these are the regular deadlines.

According to the new SAT, the Essay section has been separated from SAT. However, it depends on the college, as they might request the Essay scores based on their requirements.

No, it is not mandatory to take the SAT-II. Taking the test depends on the university and the course one aspires to pursue.

SAT is conducted seven times a year (August, October, November, December, March, May, and June.) However, outside the USA, the SAT is offered only four times (October, December, March, and May.)

One can appear multiple times, but it is recommended that you attempt the test no more than three times.

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