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Scholarships and Financial Aid – Kickstart Your Dream of Studying Overseas

Dream of going abroad for higher education? Whether you are a high-school student or in the final year of your undergraduate program, you might have thought of applying overseas. The process of applying to the colleges in the USA, Europe, and Canada by fulfilling all the eligibility criteria can be quite tedious. So, even if you hope to secure admission into the world’s most prestigious universities, financing your studies can seem challenging. Either the cost of living is high or the tuition fee is exorbitant. Let us deconstruct it in simple terms.

Financial Aid is Different from Scholarships

Although the terms ‘financial aid’ and ‘scholarships’ are most often used interchangeably, they do not hold the same meaning. Financial aid can be in the form of grants, low-interest student loans, fellowships, study allowance, or work-study programs. This aid is given to students who demonstrate financial need based on their family earnings. As such, a number of public universities in the USA provide financial aid to students whose family incomes are less than $65,000 per annum. If you are seeking to secure a university grant, it is best to apply in the early stages.

In comparison to financial aid that is mostly need-based, scholarships are given to meritorious students who have an exemplary academic record besides a host of extracurricular achievements and long-standing commitment to community projects.

Navigating the Web of Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships are usually awarded by:

  • the university along with the regular admissions process
  • the state or federal government of the country one is applying to
  • the government, welfare trusts, and private corporations in the home country

Have you ever heard about a full ride scholarship and wonder what that means? Well, a full ride scholarship is synonymous to a fully-funded scholarship that covers full tuition fee. The world’s renowned universities including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Penn, Chicago, Duke, and UT Austin offer generous scholarships to new entrants into undergraduate courses. Similarly, the University of Toronto extends the Leslie B Pearson Scholarships to a handful of outstanding international students.

In many European colleges and universities where tuition fee is generally waived off, students can avail scholarships that give them a monthly stipend. For instance, DAAD scholarships in Germany help meet the lodging and travel expenses for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to this, the British Government extends the Chevening Scholarship and Fellowship is granted to graduate aspirants who meet the benchmark of a high GPA as well as two years of full-time work experience.

On the lines of the Fulbright Program, the Government of India and corporate institutions host a large number of fellowships and scholarships for students applying globally. For seeking more information on these external scholarships, you can visit

We know that gaining admission into the most-sought-out universities is not easy. We are happy to share with you that tens of students have secured merit scholarships at some of the most reputed institutions, including NYU, Babson College, Yale, Boston University, Tulane, and California College of the Arts. Aiming at strengthening your academic path to help achieve your professional goals in future, we offer step-by-step mentorship to students who dare to dream, work hard, and finally climb the pinnacle of success.

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