Session Test Quiz

The way a work of art is arranged in known as its

A ____________ mug is made of clay that is painted and then fired with or without a glaze. It is a functional piece of art because it can be used for drinking beverages.

The various wavelengths of light produce

The smooth or rough surface of a painting is also known as

If I add white to the color red, the result is pink. This is known as a

Primary colors include

Which of the following groups of color BEST exemplifies cool colors?

According to color theory and research related to the food industry, warm colors have an effect on

Mixing red and yellow results in a _______________ color.

Adding black to purple results in a deeper, darker color. This is a

The design principle that uses some of the elements of art to produce the look of action or cause your eyes to sweep over the work of art in a certain manner is

How bright or dull a color is or the pureness of color is also known as

Which type of color is situated between primary and secondary colors on a color wheel?

What does CMYK stand for?

What color do food companies use to draw in consumers

What is value?