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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Study in Canada

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Study in Canad

As an international student, choosing the right country for your future education can lead to immense confusion! With a truly globalized education system, there’s a host of opportunities awaiting talented students seeking significant experiences to invest in. Considering the time, finances, and energy you will be putting in, it’s natural for you to seek in-depth information about the best countries for higher education. In this regard, Canada has emerged as a top choice for students, and this stands validated by most Study Abroad Consultants in India. You might find your peers seeking Canadian Education Consultants or attending Canada Virtual Fairs as well with great gusto. Why’s that? Let us guide you with our top 7 reasons for choosing to study in Canada as an international student:

  1. Canada is a hub of academic excellence

Not only are the universities in Canada top ranked in the world, their degrees and certificates are validated and recognized by most global education systems. Along with exceptional faculties and cutting-edge curriculum to their name, these universities are host to the best intellectual pool of students across the world. You will learn from the very best.

  1. Canada will welcome you with open arms

The population of Canada ranks high when it comes to civic sense and openness to diversity. With students and professionals from across the world settling in Canada, you will find yourself amidst a cosmopolitan setting- so you can fit right in! There is great graduate employability and the residents are known to be quite polite and warm. Seated alone in a country that is thousands of miles away from your home, you would surely want a welcoming environment for yourself. This is where Canada provides a perfect match.

  1. English is an official language in Canada

One cannot take away from the fact that conversing in a language comfortable for you is a huge bonus in a new country. French and English are spoken by majority of the population in Canada, which makes it quite convenient to interact with the residents and even mix in. As Study Abroad Consultants will often advise you, it’s ideal to choose a country where you can feel heard.

  1. Quality of life in Canada is incomparable

As will be informed to you in most Canada Virtual Fairs or even by Canadian Education Consultants, Canada ranks high in safety and quality of life. A country that believes in social progress and respect for its residents, Canada is renowned for its low crime rates and happy population. Another fact that adds to this aspect is that Canadians are well educated and the country itself has a very high literacy rate. All of this makes the country very student-friendly.

  1. Earn as you learn

If you are someone who is looking out for international education on a budget, Canada stands out as an ideal option, as most study abroad consultants are to be believed. This is not only because the courses here are comparatively more affordable than most other English-speaking countries, but also because Canadian universities allow you to work for a set number of hours per week, as a part-time employee. This definitely aids in reducing the pinch on your pockets, and provides you a chance to make-up for the expenditure in an international setting. Not just this, several universities will allow you to work in their ‘Co-Op’ programs, which allow both undergraduate and graduate students to gain legitimate professional experience alongside their full-time studies!

  1. Immigration Opportunities in Canada

With the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) in Canada, students now have a chance of staying and working in the country for up to three years after they complete their graduation. This gives international students an excellent chance to up-skill, gain relevant work experience, and also to grab a chance at permanent residency in the later years.

  1. Explore Canada’s natural beauty!

Your college experience should be one of a kind. When seeking education opportunities, one often looks for the whole package, in terms of on and off campus experiences. In making the most of each moment while in Canada, students can explore the length and breadth of this beautiful country’s natural beauty. Magnificent landscapes, pristine beaches, well-known national parks, and majestic mountain ranges make for a heartening experience. Whether you are a travel-lover or not, you will definitely fall in love with your surroundings while in Canada.

As you can comprehend, Canada stands out as an ideal choice for any international student seeking education opportunities abroad. If you wish to learn more about how you can apply and what all you may have to work upon for a coveted admission in a Canadian university, feel free to reach to us. At EdNet, we understand your concerns and are willing to assist you as one of the leading and most experienced Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi NCR, also specializing in Canadian education.

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