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Why EdNet

Why EdNet?Best Overseas Education Consultants

Expert Counsellors

When you decide to go on a certain career path, it is of vital importance that you receive the appropriate guidance. Which course should one go for? Which college should they study from? Which country would provide the best environment? Which course will result in a better career? Students deliberating on their future academic path are often plagued with such questions that are daunting and at times extremely confusing. That is where our mentoring and career counselling comes in to play. We take into consideration the students interests, background, achievements and aspirations to tackle each of these questions, in the process helping them gain admission into their dream college.

20 Years Experience

Established in 2002, EdNet has helped thousands of students get admitted to reputed colleges all over the world. Our years of experience in counseling students for Indian as well as overseas education, are a testament to our expertise in connecting with students, parents, and education institutions. An extremely knowledgeable and result oriented professional, our Director Niharika Sondhi uses her extensive learning, experience and exposure with International Universities and their courses to guide and assist students in their college search and admission process.

20 Year of Experience

100% Successful Applications

With hundreds of students joining our sessions each year, we boast a lengthy record of successful applications in undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. Our students have completed their MBAs from some of the most coveted business schools around the world including LBS, Wharton, Cambridge, Oxford, and so on. The transparent and vigorous procedure at EdNet involves multiple checkpoints throughout the application session, with quality assurance and guaranteed results. We value our clients’ time, energy, and effort – which is why our work is always immaculate and pertinent. This means that we will ensure your hard work bears fruit.

Highest Acceptance Rates

Over the years our students have graduated with top honours from highly acclaimed universities all over the world. We have some of the highest acceptance rates in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Moreover, a large portion of the students that have undergone the admissions process under our guidance have been able to avail scholarships and financial assistance allowing them to experience quintessential college life to the fullest extent.

15000+ Students Counselled

The team of EdNet is well-known in our industry to be highly passionate and committed towards each student. Our team possesses the best of talent, knowledge, and skill-set. You will be in good hands. We realise that each student is unique and so is his/her potential, passion, skills, and ambitions. Our target is clear – to lead you to the school best fit for you. Our services are thus custom-made, dynamic, and streamlined.

Personalised Attention

When you join the EdNet family, you become a member of our organization. We have garnered an impeccable reputation for providing the finest personalized services to students across the nation! Our team works tirelessly round the clock to make sure that each college application is unique, and that we showcase your strongest attributes to your dream school. You want to shoot for the stars? Work for it, and let the EdNet team help you carve your path in achieving your goals.